AVAS President-Elect Ronnie Rosenthal, MD Recognized for ACS Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surg

AVAS President Elect, Ronnie Rosenthal (VA New Haven and Yale University School of Medicine) was recognized by the New York Times for her work with Clifford Ko on the American College of Surgeon’s Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surgery project.

As the American octogenarian population steadily grows, many have growing concerns regarding the perioperative optimization of our elderly patients. Dr's Rosenthal and Ko partnered to develop standards for perioperative care of our elderly patients. Several studies have shown that there is a higher complication rate and lengthy hospitalization rate for the elderly. Their four years of planning will set 30 standards for the care of elderly surgical patients. These standard will be contained within a verification process similar to the ACS quality programs for trauma, cancer and pediatric surgery. Some standards requirements include geriatric friendly rooms, opioid reduction, frailty screening, preoperative optimization, while others will include assuring patients and families are participating as a team in the preoperative decision making process. The standards will be initiated in eight trial hospitals and then subsequently be available for all hospitals thereafter.


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