At the 7th annual meeting of the EXCELSIOR SURGICAL SOCIETY (held during the American College of Surgery Clinical Congress, Sunday Oct 24th, 2021), Dr. Melina Kibbe, MD, FACS (Past president of the AVAS and current Dean UVA School of Medicine) presented an update of their research in the “Development of a Novel Nanotherapy to Stop Non-Compressible Torso Hemorrhage”.

Previously, as research residents at the University of North Carolina, Mia Klein, MD (1) and Jessica Rouan, MD (2) presented this research at the Annual Association of VA Surgeons (1) annual meeting and subsequently at the Excelsior Surgical Society Meeting (2). Mia Klein was awarded the best basic science paper at the 2019 AVAS annual meeting, held in Seattle Washington,

This project was designed to develop a targeted therapeutic process to mediate blood loss at the scene of the injury until the point of definitive care is reached. This phase of the project was designed to develop an optimized target on tissue factor, which is only exposed at the site of injury making it highly selective. The research team utilized peptide amphiphile nanofibers as the delivery vehicle. They had successfully screened and identified an optimized targeting sequence allowing for later incorporation of a therapeutic agent. Targeting to the site of injury in multiple rodent models has been demonstrated. Surprisingly, with just a targeting sequence alone, they identified a decrease in blood loss in a non-compressible hemorrhage model in rodents by over 60% compared to non-targeted controls and sham treated animals (p<0.05). This work serves as the first phase in developing a targeted therapeutic to slow non-compressible hemorrhage.

Melina Kibbe, Dean, UVA School of Medicine; James Carroll Flippin Professor of Medical Science; Chief Health Affairs Officer, UVA Health; Development of a Novel Nanotherapy to Stop; Non-Compressible Torso Hemorrhage

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